This week we are sending out a questionnaire regarding both the online services and about when you think you would feel safe to return to physical worship in the building.
 The easiest way to complete the survey is 

Zoom Meetings

Grace Meal at 10.30 am in Roman's room 
After-service coffee at 12 noon in Beth's room 
Afternoon Coffee at 4pm in Beth's room

Weekday Prayers
Morning Prayer by ZOOM 8.15 am Mon & Wed
Morning Prayer by ZOOM 9am Mon - Fri
Evening Prayer 6pm on St Peter and St Paul Facebook page

Friendly Bible Study
We're taking a break this week. 
we meet by Zoom on Wednesday evenings.  
Please contact Roman if you want to join 
our study of the Book of Job.


join in, email the Beth or Roman  to get the ZOOM room number.

Sunday 9th  August

09:30   Communion Service

    live stream through All Saints Rayne or
  St Peter And St Paul Facebook's page.
           11:00   Service from Revd David Sebley 
on YouTube channel

19:00     Prayer and Praise
(Livestream at 7pm on


Services will be uploaded 

They will also usually be 

livestreamed at the time set 

via one of our three church Facebook pages


There are also activities for children 
          for each Sunday, click here to find them