We are offering two services each Sunday:
9.30 am Holy Communion (traditional service) 
11 am Morning Praise (modern music)

Both will be uploaded to the YouTube channel 

They will also usually be 

livestreamed at the time set 

via one of our three church Facebook pages


Sunday 7th June
            09:30   Holy Communion
                       – live stream through All Saints Rayne or
                          St Peter And St Paul Facebook's page.
                         Family Communion responses
                         Hymns and Readings
        11:00   Morning Praise
                      – live stream through The Church In Great Notley
                        Facebook page.
                        Hymns and Readings
    19:00   Prayer and Praise
                  live stream  through The Church In Great Notley
                        Facebook page.
                       Song Book 

         ```Activities for Children can be found here
Morning Prayer is hosted in a ZOOM 
online meeting room at 9am every weekday
hosted by Beth on ZOOM. Click Here

 On Mondays and Wednesdays it will also be 
at the earlier time of 8.15 am hosted by 
Roman on ZOOM. click here

 To join in, email the Beth or Roman the day before to get the ZOOM room number. You will need to download the 
 and bring a Bible to join in fully.

Rayne Sunday's
Join Together at 3pm for fellowship 
 on Zoom click here
There are also activities for children 
          for each Sunday, click here to find them