Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Rev Canon Beth Bendry (Chair)

Colin Miles (Vice Chair and Church Warden)

Rev Philip Howlett (Curate)

Rev Iain Bendry

Graham Brine (Churchwarden)

Tim Gowers 

Kate Kukiewicz (Secretary)

Kay Frazer  (Deanery Synod)

Rachel Miles  (Deanery Synod )


Chris Hutton

Shirley Tyrell



Brief overview

In the long history of the Church of England, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a relatively recent invention. Until the early years of the 20th century the administration and finances of a parish were the legal responsibility of the incumbent and the churchwardens. The members of congregations had little say in the running of the church except in electing the churchwardens. They now also elect members of the PCC and the PCC is a democratically elected body responsible to church members, who are registered on the electoral roll. Parochial Church Councils were first given legal status in 1919. Since then a number of Acts have defined and refined the composition, functions and rights and responsibilities of the PCC.

Purpose of the PCC

The role of the Parochial Church Council is to provide an official, partly-elected team that shares leadership responsibility for the Parish with its Incumbent.

Listening PCC

It is the collective duty of the PCC to be constantly aware of the views of the congregation and to maintain good mutual communications so that people know they are fairly represented and considered. Members are voted into place by those who trust them to represent their interests fairly.

Responsible PCC

The PCC is responsible for the condition, upkeep and insurance of all buildings, the churchyard, and movable items. This includes carrying out work recommended by the ‘quinquennial’ - a report on the state of the church buildings produced every five years by an approved inspecting architect appointed by the Parish.

Wise PCC

The PCC has overall charge of financial expenditure in the Parish, but is always in close consultation with the incumbent as to how income and other funds should be allocated, in the Parish or beyond


The PCC must make an annual budget, and take steps to raise the money required. Budgets should be monitored during the year. The independently examined or audited church accounts (having been approved by the PCC) must be presented for discussion at the APCM.

Children's Safety

The Parochial Church Council is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of the children and young people within our church community. The PCC have appointed a Parish Child Protection Representative and operate a child protection policy reviewed annually, based on the Dioceses Child Protection Policy.