1914-18          Rayne War Memorial       1939-45

In Memory of
Sergeant 5776920
2nd Bn., Royal Norfolk Regiment
who died on Thursday, 1st March 1945.
Age 27.

War Graves
            Casualty_Details :       2087895
Personal Information
Date of birth 26th May 1917.
Known as Edmund Staines.
Edmund was the last man from Rayne to be killed in the war.
Lived at Drapers Farm where his father Harry was the foreman.
He had two younger brothers, George and John.


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Taukkyan War Cemetery is outside Yangon (formerly Rangoon), near the airport and immediately adjoining the village of Taukkyan. It is on the Prome Road, about 36 kilometres north of the city from which it is easily accessible. Burma (now Myanmar), was formerly part of British India. It became a separate state in April, 1937. During the Japanese occupation the civil Government functioned in India from December 1941, returning to Burma in October 1945.

After the war Burma broke away from British rule and became a sovereign independent republic called the Independent Union of Burma, consisting of Burma proper, the Shan States and Karen States. Taukkyan War Cemetery is the largest of the three war cemeteries in Burma. It was commenced in 1951 for the reception of graves from four battlefield cemeteries which were difficult to access and could not be maintained; viz.: Akyab, Mandalay, Meiktila and Sahmaw. The last was an original "Chindit" cemetery containing many of the casualties from the battle for Myitkyina. The individuality of these battlefield cemeteries has been carefully preserved by grouping together in this new cemetery the graves from each. In addition, graves were also transferred from civil and cantonment cemeteries, and a number of jungle and roadside graves were brought in. 52 British servicemen who died during the years 1914-1918 have also been moved into this cemetery from Henzada Cemetery, Meiktila Cantonment Cemetery, Thayetmyo New Cemetery, Thamakan Cemetery, Mandakay Military Cemetery and Maymyo Cantonment Cemetery, where permanent maintenance was not possible.

Theatre of War