Please reply to:  

Electoral Roll Officer 

12 The Maltings, Rayne

Braintree Essex CM77 6BS

Tel: 01376 321908


Dear Member




Every six years we must prepare, from scratch, a new Electoral Roll, which is the membership list of our Church. The next full revision is now due. The General Date Protection Regulations (GDPR) also require as to ask you if we can keep your personal contact information and use it for our mission and pastoral care.


Being on the Electoral Roll has several important benefits.


On an official level, being on the Electoral Roll gives you the right to vote at our Annual Parish Meeting (7th April 2019). However, more important, unofficially being on the Electoral Roll is a declaration of your desire to belong to our Church family and partner with us in our Church’s mission. It gives you a voice in shaping our priorities and enables you to support the ministry of our Church.


There are two attachments with this letter.


The first is the official form for inclusion on the Electoral Roll of All Saints Rayne. It is important to stress that everyone currently on the Roll is removed and if you wish to be on the Roll, you must reapply using this form.


The second attachment is the timetable for revision of the Electoral Roll. Whilst officially, the revision commences on 4th March 2019, there is no reason why you must wait until that date to complete your form and return it to the Electoral Roll Officer (address above)


We hope that All Saints Rayne can help you to develop in the Christian faith and that in turn, you will help All Saints Rayne grow as a Church in this Village.




Rev Beth Bendrey



1.         Publication of notice to revise Roll          

            Sunday 17 February

            (must be at least 14 days before 2 below)


2.         First day of revision to Roll                       

            Sunday 4 March

            (must be 14 days before 3 below)


3.         Final day of revision to Roll                      

            Sunday 17 March

            (must be between 15 and 28 days before 5 below)


4..        Publication of draft Roll in Church           

           Sunday 24 March

           (for any corrections)


5.         Date of Annual General Meeting                

            Sunday 7th April


 ASR Electoral Roll Form              

Electoral Roll Timetable