Church Refurbishment


TRaditional & modern

People have worshipped in Rayne for at least 1000 years.  We treasure our traditions but move confidently with the Gospel into the future.

That means respecting the heritage of our holy place but also planning for improvement, warmth, comfort, beauty and flexibility.

The leaflet is to let you know a little more about us and about our plans for improvement.  We hope that you find it interesting reading.



The  church for the village:


       ¨ Supporting Braintree           Food Bank

¨ Strong links with Rayne School.

¨ Performs weddings, baptisms and funerals for villagers.

¨ Runs many social events, open to all.

¨ Offers the Old Schoolroom building for events and hire.

¨ Running  ‘Fun Club’ for children and frequent ‘Messy Church’ for     families.

¨ Educational, charitable and      pastoral work.

¨ Producing  ‘Rayne in Focus’ as a community magazine.



We could be better:

¨ We want to the church to be a useful and flexible resource for our village.

¨ We want the church building to be repaired, warm and comfortable so that it’s better for visitors.


Project details.


¨ Repairing the damaged church walls and painting them from top to bottom.

¨ Moving the Baptismal Font and making it safe to use with a new platform.

¨ Putting in an attractive level floor and comfortable seating.

¨ New lights, public address system and a projector.

¨ Installing a glass  ‘draught screen’ to keep in the heat.

¨ Installing a ‘kitchen in a cupboard’.


  We plan to  raise  and draw  in £250,000 into the village for this project.  

  This will be a tremendous investment of resources for the people of Rayne.  

  We will need to raise up to £50,000 as ‘match funding’.

Please support our work
to achieve  this.