The Rayne Prayer

Generous God
In this tough time, we can feel disconnected and apart.
In our fears, we thank you for your loving care.
Scripture tells us come to you in prayer and to ask.
So we pray for your help in renewing and reopening
our Church Building

We earnestly pray that you would free up that last bit of funding that we need

Bless our work to make All Saints Church a place of beauty and order, worthy of your Glory And welcome your people, our neighbours and friends, into your home and into your Kingdom.

Through Jesus Christ our lord, 


A Simple Aid To Personal Prayer

A simple aid to personal prayer using the thumb and fingers of a hand. 

This is a way of remembering what to pray, and who to pray for:


1.       Thumb – say thank you (thumbs up!) for good things and                      blessings


2.       1st finger – the ‘pointing’ finger – point to yourself (not others)             and say sorry for wrong things you’ve done


3.       Middle finger – the longest/tallest finger – pray about ‘big                     issues’ and/ or for the Leaders who have responsibility for                   solving them


4.       3rd finger – the ‘ring’ finger – pray for those you love, family and           friends


5.       Little finger –the weakest finger – pray for those who are                     weakest: the sick and the suffering – 

         and a little prayer for yourself at the end