The recorded list of Rectors of Rayne dates from the middle of the 13th century and is given below with some notes to assist the reader to relate them to contemporary people and events.

13th Century
1260 Ralph de Fremingham ? William of Ieketon

These were the days of King John and Magna Carta, Kublai Khan and the Crusades.

14th Century
1302 Thomas de Wilburgham 1323 Hugh de Glanvil 1326 William of Chebbesey
1336 Richard de Houghton 1356 Henry Boghay 1357 Richard Orcheston
1383 John Bond 1395 Robert Tank

This was the era of Robert the Bruce, William Tell and Geoffrey Chaucer and of Bannockburn, Crecy and Chevy Chase.

15th Century
1408 John Kelet or molecule 1417 William Kesteven ? John Chapman
1439 Josh Tasler or Tuseler 1440 William Turnour 1478 James Base
1479 Thomas Benetland 1482 John Wyld 1486 Richard Halton
?       Philip Carlett

This century was Agincourt, Joan of Arc, the War of the Roses, William Caxton, Martin Luther and the Discovery of America.

16th Century
1539 John Ewen 1545 John Horsenayle 1572 Roger Carr

The times of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.  Landmarks in history were the suppression of the Monasteries, the first circumnavigation of the globe, the Establishment of the Church of England, the publication of the Book of Common Prayer, and the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

17th Century
1611 Mark Mott 1630 Edward Simons 1651 Roger Halton
1664 Richard Kidder 1674 Benjamin Young 1681 William Stanley
1683 John Lamb

This was the turbulent period of James I, Charles I and II and the commonwealth.  It saw the publication of the Authorised Version of the Bible, and the reintroduction of the Book of Common Prayer also the Gunpowder plot, the departure of the Pilgrim Fathers for America, the Plague of London and the Massacre of Glencoe.

18th Century
1703 John Trepsack 1741 Thomas Rayner 1745 George Dickins
1756 John Powell 1794 John Marple Wallace

This was the century of Queen Anne and George I, II, and III.  Events of note were the Union of England with Scotland, the Jacobite Rebellions, the Black Hole of Calcutta and the American Wars of Independence.

19th Century
1805 Hon. Wm. Robert Capel 1854 Wm. Spence Hemming 1899 Charles Hutchinson

Notable events in history were the battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo and Crimean War.  The first postage stamps were issued and the age of technology began with the first steam locomotive and the first Atlantic Cable.

20th Century
1938 Albert T. Holmes 1944 Leopold F.S. Hacault 1946 Henry A. Clifford
1973 David J. Streeter 1980 Martin G. Sellix 1986 Simon P. Springett
1992 George Bartlett 1996 Philip Meader
21st Century
2010 Julie Nelson 2015 Beth Bendrey 2020