Good Friday  -  3rd April

Rayne Passion Play

Based on the account in Mark’s  gospel
Mark 10: 32- 15:47

Approximate timings:

11.00 a.m.     The Street near Station Road —  The Road to Jerusalem
11.l0 a.m.      Station café — Jesus in the Temple
1l.20 a.m.      Flitch Way - Questions and challenges
1l.30 a.m.      Hance Lane - The First Commandment
11.40 a.m.     Foundry Way — The End is Nigh!
11.50 a.m.     Brunwin Road — The Anointing at Bethany
12 noon         Village Green— The Last Supper
12. 10 p.m.    Allotments - The Garden of Gethsemane
12.20 p.m.     Old School Room/The Maltings — High Priest’s House
12.35 p.m.     Village Green — Pilate’s Residence
12.45 p.m.     Churchyard - The Crucifixion

Ending in church about 1.00 p.m.

Come and celebrate Easter with us! 

Saturday 4 April, 8.00 p.m. 
and Holy Communion Easter Vigil, 
Easter Fire, 

Sunday 5 April, 9.30 a.m. 
Holy Communion

Auction of Promises

Revd Dr Julie Nelson

Rural Officer for the Diocese of Chelmsford

Priest-in-Charge of Panfield and Rayne

Tel 01376 341357

Mob 07590 929499


                   All Saints Church       St Mary & St Christopher
  Shalford Road                    Church End, 
      Rayne                                Panfield, 
   Braintree                              Braintree 
      Essex                                   Essex,  
  CM77 6BT                          CM7 5AJ     

All Saints Rayne

-Building Improvements Information Afternoon

It had been some time since the Parochial Church Council consulted the congregation and the village about plans to repair and improve our church building. 

 an information afternoon was held on  Sunday March 8th in All Saints’ church.

There were displays and information, together with members of the PCC and of the project team. 

A good number of people came to view and find out what is  and more importantly what is not planned 

If you missed the information afternoon click on the links below

What we need

Church Improvement Displays 

What's staying the same


Come to church and ask a PCC member over the tea & coffee time at the  end of the service 

It has long been our aim for the church to be as involved as possible in the life of Rayne village (hope you noticed!).  

It was good to see so many of you at the information afternoon

what the church might look like
                        What the church  could look like

Please consider making a donation  
to  All Saints Church,